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Picking (and keeping) the right domain name is essential to building your brand. That’s why we try to make it as easy as possible. With us, there are no guessing games – our pricing is clear, and we’ll never trick you into a long-term commitment with deceptive pricing models. Already have a domain? We’ll honor your domain expiration date, and extend it by another year.

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There are over 200 Top Level Domains (TLD). Registering the right TLD for you carves out your website's place on the internet. Domains come with different pricing usually depending on the length of the domain name and the TLD. Some TLD's are reserved for specific types of business and may have different requirements and restrictions for registration (ex: .gov, .us, .edu). We can help you determine which TLD is right for you.

At ZAB Design, we offer ID Protect* in a much more cost effective way, because we understand the importance of your privacy.

ID Protect

When registering a domain, you're required to provide accurate contact information known as WHOIS data. This information is publicly available and easily accessible, which can result in spam and junk mail, and can also raise privacy concerns. At ZAB Domain, we utilize ID Protect to mask your information by replacing it with anonymous information. *ID Protect is not available for all domains (ex: .us)

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Transfer your domain today and extend it by one more year. We honor your existing registration period and add 1 year to it once you transfer your domain to us.

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Why go anywhere else? Our one-stop-shop makes all the elements of creating and managing a website simple and seamless. And bundling services helps you save money.

Take advantage of our ZAB 360 website bundle that includes all services you need to have an outstanding website.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an existing domain, you will need to contact the current registrar to initiate the transfer.
– Make sure the transfer lock is off
– Request an authorization/EPP code
After gathering all the information, you can select “transfer domain” under your account at ZAB Design to start the transfer.

*Note: when you place an order for domain registration or transfer, you will receive two emails that you have to respond to. One will be to confirm your ownership and verify your email, and the second one is a consent form that requires a response. You are required to respond to both emails, or risk suspension. This process is mandated by ICANN, the regulatory body for domains. If you’re not seeing the emails, make sure to check your SPAM folder.

There are lots of things that affect domain pricing, including how the domain ends (.com vs .net), or how in demand it is. Some domain providers will promise you an exceptionally low price for a high-demand domain, only to lock you into a contract that charges you high prices upon renewal. At ZAB Design, we quote you with an up-front and predictable price. No surprises, no misleading tactics. You can also get free qualifying domains by using our ZAB Website Maintenance solution.

No – there shouldn’t be any downtime associated with a domain transfer.

This will differ from registrar to registrar, but it typically will take between 2 days up to 14 days in some cases. The length of time will depend largely on your current registrar.

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