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Keeping your website in good shape takes work. We’re here to take that weight off your shoulders so you can focus on running your business. Our ZAB Website Maintenance package is the most comprehensive service we offer. Our professionals monitor your website 24/7 for security and performance issues, and perform updates and backups. The ZAB Website Maintenance package also includes a free qualifying domain, and ZAB Traditional Hosting, making it our most budget-friendly plan available.

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Website Maintenance

A car needs ongoing maintenance, from pumping gas, to changing oil, to replacing components to keep it running smoothly. Managing a website is no different. At ZAB Design, we offer plans to take care of that for you, to help you make time for all the other parts of running your business.

Website Security

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. As types of attacks are evolving with automation, and hackers get more and more sophisticated in their methods and techniques, your website needs to be equipped with the most up to date security measures. Our cybersecurity expertise is here to mitigate the risk and patch those vulnerabilities before the bad guys try to exploit them.

Cybersecurity is Our Specialty

Why Choose ZAB Security

24/7 Maintenance

Keeping everything up to date, including plugins, add-ons, and components

Back Ups

Regular backups, and disaster recovery


Implementing different security measures including WAF and IPS

Choose Your Perfect Packages


$ 99.99
Per Month

Domain + Hosting Included

  • Automated Backups
  • Update Management
  • Basic Content Updates
  • Malware & Security Scans
  • Advanced Firewall Configuration
  • Detailed Monthly Report and Analytics


$ 299.99
Per Month

Domain + Hosting Included

  • Automated Backups
  • Update Management
  • Basic Content Updates?
  • Malware & Security Scans
  • Advanced Firewall Configuration
  • Detailed Monthly Report and Analytics
  • Vulnerability Scanner
  • Penetration Testing
  • Website Performance Optimization
  • Ultimate Firewall Configuration
  • Database Performance Optimization
Premium Service, Great Value

ZAB 360 Website Solution

Great Value + Convenience

Why go anywhere else? Our one-stop-shop makes all the elements of creating and managing a website simple and seamless. And bundling services helps you save money.

Take advantage of our ZAB 360 website bundle that includes all services you need to have an outstanding website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our website maintenance service is like providing the security and management of a building. The services include security solutions, updating plugins, running backups, and performing vulnerability scans. The website maintenance package also includes domain and hosting services.

Automated attacks against known vulnerabilities are the most common types of attacks. Others might coordinate a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS). We stay up to date on the latest trends in cybersecurity and adjust our strategy and security measures.

Websites need ongoing maintenance just like your car or your building. You need to change your tires, change your oil, or wax the exterior. Similarly, your website needs to be maintained to keep it running smoothly. Certain plugins or tools may expire, or go through upgrades, and may affect other components of your website. Much like a car engine, there are many parts of a website that work alongside each other. Website maintenance is a way to make sure all of those components are working together nicely.

Even though we have the highest security measures and we use redundancy throughout our enterprise-level system, they’re still computers – things can happen. We always try to minimize vulnerabilities, but we also want to plan for emergencies. If hackers do get into your website, or other hardware and software failures compromise your website, having backups ensures that if things go south, you don’t lose all that hard work.

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